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The Eden Collection

Notecards & Boxed Cards

Eden Dessert Plate & Dinner Plate
Eden Wrapping Paper & Tissue Paper
Eden Gift Tag

Eden Tally Cards

Eden Wrapping Paper

Eden Beverage Napkin & Luncheon Napkins

Eden Guest Towel 

Graceful Butterflies Wrapping Paper & Tissue Paper

Graceful Butterflies Medium & Large Gift Totes

Paisley Garden

Blossoms on Brown

Cosmic Butterfly Purse Pad

Cosmic Butterfly Sticky Note Foilo

Cosmic Butterfly Accordian Organizer

Cosmic Butterfly Stacked Notepad Trio

Vibrant Paisley Purse Pad

Blossoms on Green

Pink Blossoms



I noticed some of the images on my site are missing since I migrated everything from my old host. My apologies, I'm working on getting that fixed soon!

Book Shelf
  • New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age
    New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age
  • Illusive: Contemporary Illustration And Its Context
    Illusive: Contemporary Illustration And Its Context
  • Illusive 2: Contemporary Illustration and Its Context
    Illusive 2: Contemporary Illustration and Its Context

Facebook Page

Finally, up and running. Check it out (maybe even like it while you're there!):

Also, as to #3 in my post below I finally realized that its actually MY FAULT for the broken image links sprinkled throughout my site! I recently redirected my address to squarespace (where my site is hosted) and when I did that all my images hosted at my old spot became unlinked. Oops. Nothing says "I'm a professional" like broken image links. Working on getting that fixed up shortly.


It's been waaaaay too long! (plus a barfing game)

Things have been crazy busy and I've been terrible about posting blog updates. Now it's been so long and I have so much to update that I barely know where to start. The perfect time to make a list!

1) I've got a line of brand new art prints in the works and I can't wait to show them to you. They're really special to me and the culmination of a lot of hard work and skills I've gained from other projects. I plan to post lots of in-progress sketches and photos so you can see my process and how each image evolves. 

2) I've caved into social media and finally started a Facebook fan page. There's really nothing there yet but will be in the next couple weeks. I'll post a link when its up and running.

3) My site needs some updates, badly. I noticed some of my links from Gallery19 are not longer active (they redid their site so the stuff I was linking must have been moved or gone bye-bye). Please bear with the constant "under construction" vibe. Bob Dylan said it best: "The artist is always in a state of becoming". Apparently, so is a website.

4) As you may (or may not know) I do a lot of collaborative work with my husband Erik and we just launched something new together. Erik's very talented at designing game mechanics and together we've created Feed Me Silly: The World's Most Strategic Barfing Board Game! It's an awesome game and we've launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to get it funded so we can actually produce it for other people to enjoy too. It's funny, goofy, simple and actually a great strategic challenge. So far we've had an amazing response from friends and family and hopefully that enthusiasm spreads and we can get it made! If you'd like to check it out here's the link:

The Feed Me Silly Hand-Made (by Erik) Prototype, May 2012 


My Royalty-Free Doodles are now on Veer!

Veer has long been one of my fav places on the web for buying fonts (and though their merch store closed I will always remember their "I draw pictures all day" stuff fondly because, well, for the most part I draw pictures all day). A while back they started offering royalty-free images and as part of my vector expansion / world domination of 2012 I applied...and waited. And waited. And then waited some more. I had heard getting on was competitive so I was a little nervous but I'm proud to say that my application was indeed accepted, yay! It will be a bit slow going getting my entire back catalog listed but I'll be moving ahead and posting my new work weekly so please take a moment to check out blue67design on Veer.


A Doodle Run-in

I've been quite delinquent posting lately! I'll go ahead and blame the busyness of the holiday season but I think it just comes down to the fact that I like to do my work much more than I like to talk about my work. Clearly this tendency is not blog-friendly so as always, I'm working on it.

Today however I couldn't help but post this!, one of my fav online shoe retailers, sent out an email adorned with some doodle decorations that looked mighty familiar. I license so much stuff it's such a fun surprise to "run into" my work out in the world. Always makes me do a double take!

Check it out: Email Ad

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Something New

First of a series. Thinking of starting an etsy shop for prints...we'll see.