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Book Shelf
  • New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age
    New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age
  • Illusive: Contemporary Illustration And Its Context
    Illusive: Contemporary Illustration And Its Context
  • Illusive 2: Contemporary Illustration and Its Context
    Illusive 2: Contemporary Illustration and Its Context

Supermom Card for American Greetings

Yet another of my new over-the-top art-all-over projects. This is a gorgeous card from American Greetings (it's actually got a choice front-row card display spot at my local Target right now!) On this project I had a chance to really experiment with a mix of lettering styles and it turned out to be one of my favorite hand-drawn lettering projects ever. I learned a lot and the final product turned out beautiful (thanks to the super-organized folks at AG)- what more can you ask for?


Warm Wishes Holiday Cards from Camden Graphics- Part 2

Here's the second of the Warm Wishes designs I did for Camden Graphics. Not much to say except, "Wow!" Loads of glitter, jewels (6!), foil, embossing, a pop-up ornament, and a bow- the lovely folks over at Camden really know how to make my art look great. The black glitter with black jewels really captures the idea of prettiness-with-an-edge that I love so much. If a card like this won't get your attention on the shelves I don't know what will!


Boxed Paisley Garden Notecards

Here's a fabulous new boxed card set from Design Design. These cards have the most lovely irridescent sheen across the surface though it's a very hard effect to photograph. (They end up looking a touch washed out in the photos but in real life they have such rich deep color!) The little jewels add the perfect touch.


Paisley Wrap Dress at Acacia

Acacia currently has a lovely Paisley Wrap Dress featuring one of my henna designs. Check it out!


Warm Wishes Holiday Cards with Camden Graphics- Part 1

Yes, that's right- 4 jewels on each card!

Look at that sparkle. There's even foil on page 2+3! Craziness!

Here are lots of pics from my new holiday designs with Camden Greetings. These are truly OVER THE TOP! Each card has so many special treatments- glitter, embossing, foil in multiple colors, jewels, and art over every inch of the cards! It was so much fun to create the art for these and such a treat to get the finals in my mailbox. Typically design is all about the challenge of working creatively within whatever technical restrictions the project demands, but with these I was free to play. I just love it when a client says "Jess, we want you to go all out." Music to my ears! Besides the art & design, all the script lettering is also hand-drawn by me (but I can't take credit for the "by Jess Volinski" line on the back. That's Chennai one of my fav sans-serifs of the moment.)

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