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I noticed some of the images on my site are missing since I migrated everything from my old host. My apologies, I'm working on getting that fixed soon!

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As a professional illustrator with 10 years experience working on projects across the globe, I love working directly with new clients. I am available for a variety of illustration and design services. (You can also explore my commissioned by using the link on the right.)

• I sell royalty-free vector images.
I have an existing library of almost 700 high quality vector illustrations. Everything I create is of the highest quality, what I like to call "commission quality". This is the same level of work I would hand off to a freelance client. The files are well organized and extremely easy to work with. All my design elements seperate easily and color changes are a snap. With blu67design vectors, you are getting the absolute best in royalty-free illustrations! Please see the Buy My Doodles page for direct links to my portfolios.

• I can create custom royalty-free images for you.

Maybe you need a sketchy doodle baby stroller to go with my sketchy doodle starbursts. That's no problem at all! Let me know what style you like and the image you need and for a fee I will create a custom royalty-free vector for you. With this option I would add the image to my online portfolios right away and you could either buy it directly from my site or one of the other microstock agencies I work with. My price for custom royalty-free images is extremely reasonable and this is a super affordable way to customize the look for your project. It's a great way to combine some of my existing RF vectors with custom created ones to make your project stand out. Contact me for more details.

• I sell royalty-free image a la carte collections.
Need 10 of my henna doodles? No problem! Feel free to contact me and I can put together a custom "a la carte" collection for you to download from the royalty-free site that I run with my husband. We offer reasonably priced regular and unlimited usage license options. You can read more about it here:

• I can create images for you under a rights managed agreement.
If you'd like to me create something custom but you don't want it to be sold as royalty-free while you're using it, we can work together to create a rights managed agreement. This is where I would grant you exclusive usage of the image for a set amount of time. That way you have a totally unique image for the duration of your project, but I retain the copyright and I can re-sell the image after you're done using it. I use this option for clients all the time and they love it. It's win-win!

• I am available for freelance and commissioned projects.
Love one of my doodles styles but need a very specifically created illustration? I understand that sometimes royalty-free image just don't work for a project. In that case I am happy to discuss a commissioned freelance project with you. When contacting me please provide as many details about the project as possible so I can determine if it fits in my schedule (what style you like, how many images you need, project details, production specs, deadline, etc.) and provide you with an accurate quote.

• Traditional Licensing.
I also have a comprehensive collection of non-royalty-free images available for traditional licensing. Please contact me for more details.